Meeting your ATO obligations is a time-consuming task but one that all business owners and sole traders must complete. With RRMA your bookkeeping and accounts will all be in good order when it comes time to lodge your quarterly activity statements. If we haven’t been working on your accounts throughout the year, we can still assist with BAS and IAS preparation and lodgement. Look no further than Frances at RRMA for reliable, friendly and accurate bookkeeping by a certified BAS agent.

BAS/IAS lodgement

Making sure that your Business Activity Statements (BAS) and Instalment Activity Statements (IAS) are correct and compliant can save you unexpected interest charges, back payments or penalties from the ATO. It’s a time-consuming task that many business owners don’t have the time for each quarter, and that’s where Frances steps in.

As a certified BAS agent, Frances ensures your books are up-to-date, BAS lodgement is submitted on time, and both your BAS and IAS obligations are met. Frances takes care of everything for you in just a few easy steps.

  1. Check that PAYG on employee salaries is correct and recorded properly.
  2. Calculate the amount of GST payable on both your income and expenses.
  3. Reconcile your PAYG and BAS records with the ATO.
  4. Prepare and lodge BAS and IAS on your behalf.
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Do you want to take back your time and let an expert handle your bookkeeping needs?

With a personalised service that meets your unique needs, RRMA is your modern solution for an age-old problem. Servicing clients throughout Australia, I’m the expert to call when admin and bookkeeping take up too much of your precious time.

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Submission of STP and superannuation lodgements

ATO compliance goes a lot further than quarterly BAS and IAS responsibilities. Single Touch Payroll (STP) systems also need to be maintained to ensure accurate information is sent to the ATO regularly. The same applies to your superannuation contributions. If you need assistance handling payroll, setting up STP systems or lodging reports, Frances at RRMA is the person to call.

Taxable payment annual reports (TPAR)

Another aspect of ATO compliance for businesses to manage is the annual Taxable Payments Annual Reporting, or TPAR. This report informs the ATO about any payments you made throughout the year to contractors, subcontractors, consultants, independent businesses, or sole traders. The ATO uses this information to ensure all contractors correctly report their incomes.

Frances can help you prepare and lodge your annual TPAR, keeping you compliant with the ATO and avoiding fines or late lodgement penalties. In addition, if you need your accounting system set up for capturing TPAR information, Frances can assist here. As your trusted, highly skilled BAS agent, you can count on RRMA.